by clare louise thomas
working with change-makers...
it’s something special to be able to work with an organisation that is making positive change in the world. it is rewarding on a different level. i’ve had the privilege and honour to work with some incredible people and teams such as:
Virgin Unite, Vodacom, Orbis, Operation Smile, MTN, Saartjie Baartman, Absa, Millennium Villages,
Trialogue, The Big Issue & Smile Foundation amongst many others.
I’m interested in projects that are interested in social change
The change starts with us.
I’m just gonna use this space for now to share a quick story from the last project I shot: Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital in Nigeria. This old gent was in his 70’s. He was completely blind due to cataracts for the last 5 years. He was selected for surgery with the Flying Eye Hospital when it was based in Ilorin as it was a great teaching opportunity. In many rural communities, it is seen that when one gets old, one’s hair and eyes go white. While operating on the cataracts in this gent’s eyes, ORBIS would at the same time be educating local doctors on how to do the procedure: some would shadow the surgeons and technicians, while others would be invited to view a direct live feed to the operating theatre where they would be able to ask live questions. He arrived unable to see a thing. He left waving at me.
Yes, I cried.
they changed this man’s life.
well done ORBIS